How to return reader to choice options after they make the choice that, 'kills,' their character?

Basically the title. I hope someone can help soon!

So I have a choice where your character lives, and the other choice ends in death. If my reader picks the choice which ends in death, how do I take them BACK to select the right choice?

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You should try something like that:

label choice
Some dialog
Telling the reader, that they died and have to try again.
goto choice

Makes that sense to you?:sweat_smile:

Labels! That’s how ya do it. You can find labels by looking at Dara.Amarie website. She has a whole bunch of templates and guides. You’re gonna love it there!

I don’t have the link but if you check her profile it’s there and you can look it up! Don’t worr you’ll find it.

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