How to rotate limb overlay in place without it separating?

Do any of you guys know how to rotate a limb overlay without it separating and rotating all over the screen, I have a arm overlay that I want to rotate to a straight angle degree which I did accomplish but it rotates all over the screen instead of it being on like the characters back if that makes sense?

I have separate overlay limbs like the character back is one overlay its self as well as the arm overlays.

If this makes more sense it come from the side all the way to where I want it at but I don’t want it to come from the side I want it to rotate in place if that makes sense

If you can help me please let me knoooo :pleading_face:

Change the anchor point to approx 0.5 1
This ensures it rotates centered around the top center point.

You’ll also need to reshift it due to the change in anchor point.

Ahhh thank uuu it workeddd


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