How to rotate limb overlay into place

Hey!! Im having trouble with my overlay it doesn’t rotate to the place I want it to rotate too. it just rotates all over the screen instead of rotating in the same place. its a limb overlay so I want it to seem that they’re getting up but it won’t let me since it gos all over the place, if anyone can help it’d make my day :))

this is how it rotates,

I animated it to show how I want it to rotate this is exactly how I want it to rotate but as you can see on the above gif it doesn’t rotate correctly.

this is the scripting I made if anyone can help it’d be so helpful :relaxed:

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Do you have any space around the overlay?

actually I went back to the overlay to clear any excess space so it looks like this

but even after that it doesn’t rotate where I want it too

So now that you don’t have any excess space, you would want to play with the “0.5 0.5”. These numbers indicates that it will rotate in the center of the overlay, so it might just be that you need the point to be a little lower on the overlay. :slight_smile:

hey! sorry for bothering I’m really slow at the moment I didn’t really understand, do I have to change the anchor point? or where I make the overlay shift ? again thank you so much for helping and sorry if I’m bothering :relaxed:

Hi! Yes, I think you just need to change the anchor point! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: And no you are not, just glad to help! :blob_sun:

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hi so i’m having an issue where the limb is rotating the way i like but the starting position isn’t quite there. could you give me any tips because i’ve been messing with the anchor points for hours now and nothing is changing

it isn’t letting me send a picture so i hope you can answer the question without a picture please let me know

I don’t know if that would help you with your situation since it’s hard for me to visualize what exactly is wrong, but it sounds like your starting point needs to change, so maybe adjust your starting point’s rotation coordinates and add seconds too if you need them.
Sometimes I have overlays set to a particular angle first with the “in 0” on the end and then have the second rotation with a number of seconds added to it like 1 or 2 or however long I want it to take to rotate to that second point, if you get what I mean.

Can anyone help me? I’m having trouble with this scene I’m working on, It’s my first time using anchor points, I’ve watched videos n seen posts but I just can’t get a grip. I have my character holding a dart in her hand and I want it to look like she’s throwing it.