How to rotate ov back and forth

Can someone show me a code of how to rotate overlays back and forth then loop it INFINITE times?

It’s for a crooked light overlay in a abandoned room I created.

<-- like that one

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For this overlay I think you first want to have it rotated at about 45 before you do the loop, try this…

@overlay OVERLAY rotates 45 anchor point .5 1 in 0
& overlay OVERLAY rotates -75 anchor point .5 1 in 1 THEN overlay OVERLAY rotates 75 anchor point .5 1 in 1 loop infinite times

I’m not 100% sure that’ll work lol and you may have to adjust the rotation number a bit. Let me know if it works or not :sweat_smile:

Thank you, I’ll try it right now! :smile:

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Thank you :kissing_heart:

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