How to rotate overlay in place

Hey! its been a long time since I’ve coded anything on episode, ive gotten a little rusty with animating overlays. I’ve had this problem before but I had given up due to the fact that it was very confusing and frustrating, my overlay doesn’t rotate at the spot I want it to rotate instead it gos all over the place and no matter how much I try to fix it, it still doesn’t fix that problem. if anyone could please help me id appreciate it so much :slight_smile:

This is where it starts but I dont want it to start there and then -

it moves all the way up there and it starts rotating.

this is where I want it to land but the overlay gos all over the place and where I place at first it moves from there.

if this makes sense for any of you id appreciate any type of help please and thank you !!

I can help!

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These are two SUPER helpful videos that go in depth on how to code overlays.

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But to quickly answer your question- you’ll need to put “loop infinite times” on the line of code for the desired overlay

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