How to save the size of the characters and objects

Hello there! I wanted to ask how i could change the size of the characters like permanent. Also how i can make them throwing objects? And how to make door open and close

When you are spot directing, place the character where you want them to go but make the scale smaller until you get to the desired size.

&MC walks to spot 0.587 119 258 in zone 2 in 4

The bolded part is what will make it smaller, I’m not sure if that made sense… sorry if it doesn’t :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Hello! Can you send me a screenshot to see how it writes the commands so i can try ?

This is the command :blush: you just need to adapt it to your character names and coordinates!


Okay. I tought i had to repeat some spots or something until my character goes to the place. I will try it

It worked! Thank you so much girls!

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