How to seat my characters at a table?

Hey everyone,

I am new to this forum. I have been experiencing some difficulties in making my characters sit at a table. They keep standing on the chairs. What can I do to rectify this problem?

Are you using sitting animations or normal ones?

In order to use diff animations.

Then you need to position the characters at a lower spot, because if you want the character to actually sit, you’ll have to use the sitting animations. Whereas if you place them at a lower position you can make it look like they’re sitting when they’re not really :slightly_smiling_face:

I have tried all of the above and they are.still not taking my command.

Could you send a picture of the script?

@pause for a beat

@overlay TABLE RESTAURANT shifts to 9 18
@overlay TABLE RESTAURANT scales to 1000 1.000

if (chose_smart) {

@TYANNA changes into TYANNA_mallwear

} elif (chose_ casual) {

@TYANNA changes into TYANNA_mallwear_causal

} elif (chose_fancy) {

@TYANNA changes into TYANNA_date_wear


@TYANNA stands screen left AND TYANNA faces right AND TYANNA moves to layer 1

@TYANNA spot 1.280 65 150

    TYANNA (admire_happy)
(Here he comes!)

Dominic finally arrives.

@DOMINIC changes into DOMINIC_date_wear

@DOMINIC enters from right to screen center

@DOMINIC spot 1.280 248 94 in zone 1 at layer 1

    TYANNA (blush_shy)
(He looks so handsome.)

Do you have an actual picture of how it looks in the app or the previewer?

Have you tried moving the overlay to layer 2 and your characters to layer -2?

Had the same problem, this resolved it for me.

For this particular scene, a table overlay is NOT required. This scene contains an automatic overlay, so all you need to do is move your characters into position behind the table using spot, and they will be automatically placed behind the table. :smiley: Hope I helped.