How to see yourself in the mirror


I know I have asked this before but there was a crash with my pc and I lost everything.

thanks x


Fixed your topic title.



Thanks I am dutch x


yes but someone posted an i tube film about it and i lost it.


I went ahead and fixed your topic title for a second time. Please do not change it back to “ho” as that is an offensive word and violates the forum guidelines. Thanks.


sorry i thought that i spelled it wrong so i changed it, you have to know that here are multicultural people for us ho and how is the same, you can’t exepect from us to be perfect in grammar sorry, i am sure i have made more mistakes already, nobody has ever changed the name of my topic, for me that is an insult you could have PM me to ask if i would do it or to explain to me … sorry but this is not very polite, @Sydney_H would never treath me like that!

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