How to Set Negative Points

Hey there! This is my first story, so I’m sorry if this is a stupid question. I’m using the point system (for various characters) in my story, and I was planning on using 0 as the reference point for determining whether the MC has a positive or negative relationship with each individual character. Because some characters start off the story liking or disliking her, I started off the story with a list of point values, like this:

  • @CHARACTER1 =5
  • @CHARACTER2 =-3
  • @CHARACTER3 =-8
  • @CHARACTER4 =10
  • And so on

For the positive values, it processes perfectly. However, the portal is refusing to accept the negative values. Should there be a space somewhere that I’m missing? Is it not possible to preset negative point values, in which case I should just subtract the points instead?

Thanks in advance for any input!

Hello. Welcome to the community :smiley:

Try removing the “=” sign.

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Thank you so much! That definitely works for the beginning of the story!

Just out of curiosity, if I wanted to set the points to a certain negative value later in the story, how would I do that? If, for example, I wanted a character’s points to reset to -10 regardless of their current value, is there a way to code for that?

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You can set their points back to 0 and then subtract 10 points


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Ohhhh, that makes sense! Thank you!!!