How to shade and do lightning on edits?

Hi, so I’m a new (kinda) episode editor!! You can find me on ig “the_moonsbaby”!! I wanted to take my edits to the next level by learning how to add shading and lighting to it. I have the ibis paint but I’m a newbie in using it!! So any given tips,tutorials,brush guides to help me AND other editors like me ,will be appreciated. Thank you <33
:exclamation:I want this topic to help me AND help other editors too!! So any additional advice will be helpful :heart::heart:


I’ve seen your edits and I honestly love them sm :sob:

Only advice I have for IbisPaint is to change the brushes you don’t use, settings to make new brushes, for different textures, etc :)) :heavy_heart_exclamation:


awhh tysm!! And thank you for the advice you are amazing!!! :heart::heart:

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