How to share it?

Hello. I made a story(at least 1 episode) on phone. I had to give it name, description and a category. And then a clicked to Share. But i only could share through messenger etc, not through episode. My sister played it out, because i sent her its link in messenger. But i. Want the other players to. Play it too. How. Can i. Do it? I searched. For the title of. It (The. Boy who. Changes like the. Moon) but i couldnt find it. Sry for the dots, its too close to my space button.

You can get the share link from the writers portal on the pc.

Also the link you sent to your sister, can you copy and paste it to share it with someone else?

And it is published? Otherwise you won’t be able to search for it yet.

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I dont think its published, can i do that from mobile? If not, im gonna do it from computer

I think you would have to do it from the computer.

Thank you very much!

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