How To Share Story


Hi, does anyone know how to share your story script to another person?


Send them the link to your story.


So basically your account that you write your scripts on Episode Interactive, is what I should copy the link of the website and sent them my story?


scroll down to the bottom on the page of the account that you write your story on and there should be a thing that says you can share your link and you just copy and paste that


Yes, but if you had to share your script… That would be different.


Thanks @Freakish and thank you @IDONTKNOWREAL but I just need to share my script @Freakish that’s all.


Yes, that what I want to do.


Oh okay!
If you want to share your script with someone, they have to be either trusted with your current writer portal Gmail account.
You can copy the script, email, or send it to them from Google Docs!


Oh Lord. You can’t trust much people with your story. I’ll figure out something but thanks to you all for the help!


Yes I know what you mean :joy:
You can copy/paste the script to your email and email to whomever.


Understood. I think I’ll do that.


Happy to help!