How to shift an overlay with uploaded background?

So I need help. Currently, I’m trying to use the airplane overlay with a U,S .map I uploaded. It works with @pause for a beat but not for overlay shifting code, I get an error saying the background doesn’t exist. Help?

Did u uploaded the usa map as an overlay

No, as a background.

How did u put it in the script?

EXT. US MAP - DAY with AIRPLANE to 0.244 213 162 in zone 1
sound airplane_flyby
@overlay AIRPLANE shifts to 0.244 45 177 in zone 1 in 2

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Are u sure the name of the bg is name like that?

Yep, i’m sure.

@KieraC.writes can u help her…

just do
@overlay AIRPLANE shifts to 45 177 in 2
You don’t need to add the scale number :slight_smile: (You can put the zone, but as the overlay is already in zone 1, in this case you don’t need to.)


She is saying that the background doesn’t exits

That’s not the problem. Her coding is wrong. Sometimes the errors don’t match up with the actual problem.


Thank you so much!!

As @EliseC said, I do believe it’s related to the factor that you including the scaling in the shifting. If it doesn’t work, you can always try adding @pause for 0.01 so that the coding will hopefully have the time to catch up, and it doesn’t affect your story.

No problem! I hope everything works now :slight_smile: