How to show a whole background

You guys may not understand what I’m trying to say but i’ll explain it perfectly if i’m able to, So i’m trying to show a whole background, EXT. HIGH SCHOOL EXTERIOR - DAY
, That background. i’ve seen it in stories but I really never knew how to do it or I’m just imagining things myself. If anyone can help it would be a pleasure thank you!

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if you mean the whole background, you can’t do it

I have seen it,too! I don’t understand it ,too…

Oh, then i’m probably just seeing stuff I guess :joy: thanks for the fast reply tho!


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Yes! I think it’s overlays but not sure

Probably but I’ll just cut to zones or pan around

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If you want you can watch Mary D Sava, I think there’s tutorials about that and you’re welcome! :cupid:

Nope… Mary D Sava doesn’t have tutorial about it

Thank you! x

Oh well I don’t know lmao

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Thanks for replying tho guys

You can zoom right out, but there’ be black above and below the background. Is that what it looked like?

no it showed the whole background fully without the black

Then wouldn’t it look squished into one zone?

thats what i thought but in the story it looked perfectly fine, But I’m okay now thanks for trying to help. Right now I’m just looking for someone who would consider making me Art work :joy: