How to show character points in your story?

Hii everyone! So I was writing my story and at the end, I wanted to have an option where readers could see the points they had gained with specific characters.

I’ve seen that Dara Amarie has a guide to it on her site but when I test it out, multiple errors show up on the side.

So does anyone know how to do this? Any and all help is much appreciated :heart: Thank you!


what errors show up? could u show your script? x

I’m so sorry, I just saw your message :sob:
And I kind of deleted it from my script but I’ll try it again. And if it still doesn’t show up, I’ll let you know and show the error that it displays.
Thank you so much for offering! I’ll send a picture when I do it again.

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ahaha it’s okay girl if you need it you could check out @Dara.Amarie’s website i’m pretty sure she has a guide on there for it?

good luck with your story babe :heart: xx

Yeah, I did use her guide, but before I could even see it through the web previewer, it said there was an error :joy:

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oh lmao well if you have it again lemme know and i might be able to help :sob: don’t count on it tho🥲

Yep, I’ll let you know! Thanks!

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