✴ HOW TO: Show character points WITHOUT if/elif/else - the simpliest method 😍



Omg!! :scream: this is AMAZING!!! You are amazing for sharing it!! Thank you so much!!!

I need to make a menu to check several kinds of points, and I’ve been procrastinating to avoid it because it sounds so… tedious.

Now I don’t have excuses! Thank you so much for this, girls :heart:

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i was planning on studying how to count and show points and now this!! :see_no_evil::sparkles: THANK YOU, GENIOUSES!! :100:

OMG That’s amazing a and easier, won’t take too much of the script!:heart_eyes::star_struck::clap:t2:


This is amazing!! Thanks so much @athoynilima for discovering this, it’s a lifesaver! :heart_eyes:

Can’t truly THANK YOU ENOUGH :heart_eyes: :blob_hearts:
This really saved us from a lot of coding thanks sm, love :kissing_heart:

This is a real life changer! Thanks for sharing this!

OMG! This is gonna be so helpful! BOOKMARKED! :bookmark:

thank you @athoynilima and @JemU776 for your amazing discoveries!
and thank you @Farah_DeSantis for making a tutorial.

my heroes, this inspired me to write without the fear of the points system :sneezing_face:


This is all on athoynilima, a hero indeed. The only thing I noticed was instead of coding to find the character number, you could get the number directly from the character’s page which is beneficial for someone like me who usually can’t test on a web previewer :blob_hearts: It is indeed awesome! Character points are something I haven’t used much of but when I do, I’d love to place this in a story :revolving_hearts: Once again thank you athoynilima and thank you to Farah for putting together this tutorial :blob_sun: :fist_bump:

Yes, conquer it :sunglasses: :fire: :100:


bump :bomb:

This is incredible! But how do you keep track of the overall points total??

I don’t think there’s a way to do that, so I either just play through the chapter or you can go ctrl+f and type in @CHARACTER + and just count how many of those there are :two_hearts:

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That won’t work across chapters though (or is there a way for it to do that?) Otherwise no fuss! Just gotta put a little # at the end of everything. But thank you!!

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the same way as before. You simply count in each episode the max number of points reader could get. And add it manually So far I dont know about easier way

Oh my goodness, thank you so much!

Quick question: does this only work for point values between 1-50? Or are those just values you picked for the sake of demonstration?

PS: thank you for bumping and keeping this open lol

as far as I know it should show any amount of points. Dunno if there is limit of amount of points.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::rofl: