✴ HOW TO: Show character points WITHOUT if/elif/else - the simpliest method 😍


So how would you make a menu for various characters in the story?
tracking each characters points?

not just the MC

to show

there is no difference in how the menu should look like comparing to the if/ elif/ else method.

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Like is there any script templates that work with this?

Do you have to go back through all your chapters and manually count out the point total? Or is there a simpler way?

You can use menu template from @Dara.Amarie web for FAQ but as said this has nothing to do with menu (talking here about menu is of topic)

As far as I know there is no other method than count it manually.

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yes this is so genius

Hi, can I ask about counting points through episodes?
I made point system, and at the end of the story I’m showing it like x / max, when x is MC number and max is Narrator number.
(so in the story I’m writting
@mc +1
@narrator +1
Or when you didn’t gain point only @narrator +1)

The problem is that MC points is showed only points get in specific episode and max is adding Point through episodes.

In EP 2 MC could get 3 point max.
In EP 3 MC didn’t gain anything.
In EP 4 MC didnt gain anything.
In EP 5 MC could get 1 ponit, so Total is 4 points.

When I was playing in app I’ve gain 2 points od 3.
Here are screens after EP 3

(should be you have fe 2/3)
And after EP 5

(should be you have 3/4)

How fix it?
You write above about manually adding points, but where and when should I write it?

the points counting should work through all episodes regardless if the reader gained points in all or just in some episodes.

When you test it in ap and it doesn’t look right - firs check it the number you see is the same as you can see if character points (story modifiers - character points)

if the total number you see there is the same as you see where you show points to reader than the coding is working right and the problem is elsewhere

  1. wong coding of gaining the points
  2. wrong testing ( you haven’t tested it from the start of the story or have changed in the modifiers the point and forgot about it.

if however, you see in the modifiers really 3 point in epi 5 and it shows 1 than check if you have right character number since you mentioned you have 2 point systems - and each has its own character number - so be sure you use the right one.

In story modifires was showing like in counting points - in 2nd EP ok, in 4th, 5th, 6th without EP 2.
Can issue be that I made cc and name MC in 3th and 4th episode?
Cause now I created MC1 (which isn’t in story), I counted points on her I did it on MC and now everything is ok. It’s showing in counting and in story modifires the same.

Um… English is not my native language and I am not sure if I understood everything right.


if you have point system you always must create the character for it regardles if he is inside the stoty as a “real character”

but once you set tne point system you have to keep it for the whole story

you cant have in 1 chapter points for MC1 and then change it to MC if you want them to count together because its completely new point system and will not consider points which reader gained in MC1 ( unless you will turn them via fi/elf/ else to the other point system)

If you want you can create completly new character just for points counting like:


atc and each will count independently

You didn’t understand me :rofl:

At first I had MC, I added to her points when readers tap on certain choices and always added to narrator points. At The end of each chapter it was written “You have x [MC points] / Total [narrator points]”.
IT worked only for 2nd chapter in showing points and in story modifires, reader could gain 3 points and it was show in correct way.
Then in EP 3rd reader could CC and in chapter 4th reader could name MC.
And in episode 5th reader could gain 1 point. In points showing points and in story modifires There was 0 for MC, even thought she gain certain amount of points in chapter 2.
So max points at the end of episode 5 was 1/4, not 4/4 :angry:

Now I fix the problem - I created whole different MC1, which isn’t in story and isn’t cc or name in the middle of story and counting points and story modifires is working.

Do I guess maybe cc or name change can mess with point system :slightly_frowning_face:

But… :woman_facepalming:
Now I have problem, with those readers who read episodes before changes.
If they don’t replay story (not only last chapter on which they ended) they won’t have a lot points (maybe 1 or 2 / 5) :unamused:

so you used just one point system and you think it stopped working / resetted because of cc and/or name?

Hmm that actualy sound like something that should not have any influence on point system tbh.

points works with character name not display name of character look as far as I know… but I will test it, it makes me curiouse.

Well, in my case I just change everything from @TRISS +1 (my MC script name) to @TRIS +1. And now it’s working :slightly_smiling_face:

I have tested it and cc nor input have no influence on counting points - there must have been another issue

Ok, but how exacly look your script?

Fe you have character MC and she/he gets point.
Is this look like @MC +1 and then you done MC cc and MC naming?
Or did you do @LOVE +1 and then MC cc and MC naming?
Did you add after that chapter another one and point system is ok?

I couldn’t have error in character number - I made intro and outro in chapter 1st (points were in the middle) and it was just copy, paste. So if I would have problem with character number then counting would be wrong for every chapter, and error was only after cc and naming. In next chapters there was good counting.

Now I just changed script like that:
For MC cc and name, but count points for fe @love and it’s working perfectly for every chapter.
And There wasn’t big changes in script - I just deleted letter “s” in every +1 and added new character.

I used MC name for the point system

MC gained point
MC got CC
MC got renamed
Then I showed the points amount using character number

and all worked just fine it still was remembering the points she gained before the CC and naming.

And you did this in 3 following episodes and at the end of each there was good counting?

Ok, I’m out of ideas. Before there was error, now it’s ok and I didn’t change a lot. Maybe there was a bug…? I guess I will never know :woozy_face::roll_eyes: