HOW TO: Show exact number of points in script (points system help)

Instead of messing with if/elif/else, the traditional way to show points to readers, here is another tip. Now you won’t have to struggle with making an 100 lines long code to show readers their points with a character.

Every character has their own unique number in th url of the characters’ page.

Copy yours, and paste it into your script. Add [brackets] so the code can work. Ex.

You have [insert_char’s_number] points with [CHAR]

This is what your script should look like:
Screenshot 2020-09-09 13.30.05

This is how it looks on the app:

Hope this helped!

- Zeah


oh wow! Tysm!!

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There are already 2 threads about this.

Automatic Print-out Character Points?

HOW TO: Show character points WITHOUT if/elif/else - the simpliest method 😍


Oh, I didn’t know. Thanks for pointing it out! I searched if there was a simmilar thread, but apparently I did not search well enough.

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I flagged the topic so it will be closed. I’m sorry for creating a duplicate!

Closed by OP request. :smiley: