How to show time passing?

Hello, does anyone have any tips on how to show that time has passed? Specifically going from month to month without it feeling rushed (if that’s even possible) since the events have fallen in different months now. Basically how to go from one event to another? Also, how do you structure your events in time frames, like do you write down when and what happens in what days/months? Or just wing it?

If it helps, I need to go from February (including valentine’s day) to late March (perhaps spring break) and in the last episode it was the birthday for a character which was in late January. Before I’ve just stated different days in the month and a scene or two for that day before going to another weekday…I feel like i’m overthinking this as I type or aint making sense haaha

Anyway, any advice is appreciateddd : D

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Hii! I’m a lil confused with what you have said, but as for the time passing, I’ve seen in the story SHARP DAGGERS by @tolstoyanov and they made it so so freaking well! Maybe that could help? Or give you some idea? :sweat_smile: I hope I helped atleast :joy:

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Cool, I appreciate it. I’ll definitely check it out.

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You could use day-night transitions, or animate a clock’s hands moving to show time passing and transitions help. (this is for short periods of time)
Or you could just do something like this:

A few months later.
#story goes on here.

Maybe you could also show clips of the character going about in her/his daily life and transition to the next scene, maybe have her look slightly different (Hairstyle, tan, outfits etc.) and use a filter. You could have the character’s actions look really quick so it’s like fast forwarded. Try not to wing it though!

I hope that helps?


Omg love the clock idea, for sure using that. But what do you mean making the actions quick…how would i do that?

This in fact does help, thanks :blush:

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Hmm, I haven’t tried doing that before. I’ve seen some authors their animations are really quick. I think it’s something to do with time and animations.

Like this:

@CHAR is (animation name) in 0.5

This should mean that the animation happens in 0.5 seconds.
But I’m not totally sure!
And I’m glad I could help! :two_hearts: :smiling_face:

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I think the easiest would to be use dialogue or overlays that say “A few months later” or that month. If you wanted to get a lil more fancy, you could start the frame on a cellphone that lights up with a text, ultimately showing the date


Ohh wow, okay, nice. Thanks again :grin:

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