How to sit on a bike

Hi can someone help me I want to sit two characters on this bike I’ve been trying for hours and still not getting anywhere thank you in advance!

Put the bike a layer behind them (ex. they could be at layer 1 and the bike could be at layer 0) then just move them on the seat of the bike in preview and put that in your script.

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Thank you il try that now

You have to spot direct the characters to the seat of the bike.
Show helpers > Spot directing > Switch tool: Move

I would use “horse” animations, so to make the characters really look like they are on the bike.
E.g. ride_horse_gallop_happy_loop at the front seat, and ride_horse_gallop_passenger_happy_loop for the character at the back to look like he/she is holding onto the character in front.

You can zoom up to the upper half of their body to make it even more realistic.

Thank you I will try that I’ve been at it for hours. What can I do with the arms though was they don’t reach

You need to play around the camera zooms.
Unfortunately there’s no animations for bike, so the closest animations to replicate are the “horse” animations.
Or you can request/make your own custom poses.