How to Slowdance properly

I’ve used the @start CHARACTER & CHARACTER slowdance, but either they aren’t facing each other or only one is dancing. Anyone have advice?

Hi, when you want your characters to slow dance you have to code their spot and direction as well as the action command. If they’re not facing each other adjust what direction they’re facing e.g. @CHARACTER faces right

This is the code I used for my story and it worked for me:
&cut to zone 3 AND zoom on 827 279 to 290% in 0
&CHARACTER spot 0.830 197 190 in zone 3 at layer 3 AND CHARACTER2 spot 0.749 182 203 in zone 3 at layer 2
&CHARACTER is dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER2 is dance_slow_neutral_loop AND CHARACTER2 faces right

Let me know if this helps. :black_heart:

Thanks. For some reason, my character is not able to do the dance_slow_neutral_loop. I’ve got them dancing a different way.

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