How to spot direct a character to lay on this particular bed?

INT. BEDROOM DESK OL - DAY. I’ve tried the “cheat sheet” posted on another thread and under one of Joseph Evans YouTube videos. The other spot placements that I have tried from the document seemed to have worked perfectly but I’m having difficulty with this particular background.
All help appreciated. Thanks in advance x

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I tried that but it didn’t work :thinking:

Thanks though x

Let me check

Okay, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s working fine for me. :thinking: do you use some diffrent animation maybe?

Nope, I used the same one haha. How is the scene meant to look like?


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Thanks for the image! Appreciate all the help. Can I ask one more question?
Haha sorry for my cluelessness…
Is the characters feet meant to stick out of the opposite side of the bed? :thinking:

In this background, they’re not sticking out :thinking:

and I tried with all of them backgrounds to prevent that.

Oh, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to check it again then… Thanks for the reference and thanks overall x
Btw, I just realised that you’re the creator of the above document :joy:

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If you have any future problems let me know :smiley:

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Will do, thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face: x

Do you mind if you could show me an example with a male character? Sorry if it’s too much to ask…

It’s exactly the same like with the female one

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