HOW TO: Spotlight Format


how to change the bubbles color i tried it and it was all the in the same side and the same color for both character
please help me


So, I only know of two colors lol and if you have them appearing on the same side, you need to place your characters on opposite sides of the screen. So, here’s an example:

set format phonetext


@GIRL stands screen left AND BOY stands screen right



Talk to you soon.

OK, bye.

…and bla bla bla, more text messages go here until you set format back to cinematic.
Also, since GIRL is standing on the left, her messages will be on the left and they’ll be in white. And since BOY is standing on the right, his messages will be on the right and they will be in blue : )

P.S BOY and GIRL are just example names I used, of course your characters may have different names ^^


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how do i stop the set format when going to a different scene?


You’d need to write set format cinematic in your script if you want the text format to go away : )


Thanks :smiley:


No problem : )


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How would I allow the reader’s customized character to share dialogue with my created characters, in the spotlight format? My story was running smoothly until I ran into this issue, and now I am at standstill. Please help me if you can, thanks!


I’m sorry but what do you mean? :thinking:

Do you mean that you want both characters at the screen at the same time when one of them is talking? :thinking:


Thanks for your response!

And I mean, how do I get the reader’s character to talk with one of my own created characters?

I have been stuck on one of my stories because of this problem and would appreciate if you could help me figure it out.

Thanks again!


Do you want them in spotlight format or cinematic?

And it should work, they can be customized in both formats : )


when you tried text format, how did you get your bubbles to align that way? I am unable to move my speech bubbles. When I try, my screen freezes.


I would like it in Spotlight, but if you can tell me for Cinematic, I would appreciate it as well.

Thanks again!


You can place them manually using commands like:

One character stands at one side and their text appears there while another stands at the other side and their texts appear there. Both of their texts are different colors from each other and appear on opposite ends.


Am so confused :joy:

Are you saying you would like for them to be customized or something else? :thinking:

If you follow the guides, you will get it, it’s basically like this:



…and so forth.

You can add a speaking animation in () and if it’s in cinematic you can place them on the screen using full body display.


Sorry, I am quite bad at explaining. Let me try again.

You know how you can allow your readers to customize their own character and even give that character a name?

What I need help with is how to get that customized character to talk with the other characters (the ones that i created myself)

With the created characters, I know I can put there name (like this):

CHARACTER 1 (Animation Here)
Dialect Here

But I am confused as to how to get the reader’s character to talk and perform an animation,

Since they are customized and not my own characters.

I hope that was a better explanation.

Thanks again!