HOW TO: Stage Direction

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Thank you so much! This helped me a lot!!!

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List of all positions without spot direction/directing:

When you see this:

@CHARACTER enters from X to screen Y

X - the two directions
X: left
X : right

Y-the three main positions
Y: left
Y: center
Y: right

TIP: Tip: Conversion between Main Positions to Spots

*replace CHARACTER’s name with yours.


@FRAUD enters from left to screen center

Of course, for basic exiting and entering scenes, you can add more stuff to them to spice it up: HOW TO: Enter and Exit Scenes 🧊 :smiley:


Ooo, thanks! Very useful, I’m bookmarking this :nerd_face: :sparkles:

And I made it into the example :sunglasses: :yellow_heart: My life is fulfilled!

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According to the Episode Article on pans (direct quote):

And just a reminder that:

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Not sure if you knew about slow pan or fast pan but yeah, they are actual existing commands :joy:


I actually didn’t know LOL :joy: Thank you Jem and thanks for your threads!!

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np Jen and tagging you guys because you are also rocking it in the directing category and helping so many people, thank you for everything, rockstars :metal2: :blob_hearts:


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Thank you so much. I was confused about my characters cutting their walks to certain positions! The follow command of course :joy::white_heart:


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