How to Start a Comedy Story?

Hello, this is my first topic! I just joined the forums, I’m Salty.

So, I want to write my first story, (a comedy story) yet I don’t know how to start it. I like to look at other comedy stories I enjoy to see if I can get any ideas from their introductions, but it never helps me. Does anyone have any advice?

Also, did I place this topic in the correct section? Sorry if I did not! :fearful:


Hey! I haven’t written an episode story yet (so I’m not officialy a writer lol) but I think it would be interesting to use flashback. You could start with the present where MC is in some funny/embarassing/hopeless situation and then continue with ‘stop right there, let’s go back where it all began’ and show the whole story - from past to present. I hope I’m clear because when I read it again, the post looks a bit confusing :grin:

Thank you so much, I’m gonna try to create a scene like this! Btw, my story is about a girl who swaps lives with a college football coach. :blush:


Sounds like a comedy I would read :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Good luck

Heeyyooo Salttyyy!!

Maybe you can start with like a cliche scene and then be like - nope not me… ya know wut I mean lol?

Thanks everyone for helping me! :kissing_heart:

I just started writing, hope it goes well! :crossed_fingers:

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