How to start planning your story?

I can’t get myself to plan because it just seems like so much hard work, but I can’t even be certain because I’ve never actually planned a story before :')
I just wanna skip the boring part and I just wanna start coding, man :sob:

Anyways- any tips, templates or whatever to make planning seem a little more doable? :melting_face:


Whenever I take notes for school I decorate them with different text styles and doodles, I guess it makes them less intimidating / helps me focus? :joy:

You could try only planning the skeleton of the story, I like it more than scene-by-scene because it allows for more creativity. Another planning style that worked out pretty well for me recently was a paragraph by sentence type. For every paragraph I wrote a sentence to describe the actions taking place, the imagery and the metaphors/feelings I wanted to expand on. Afterwords I wrote the entire draft!

Try experimenting with different planning styles to see what works for you! I 100% know that full out planning would kill my story instantly but it works for some people :joy:


Hey lizzy_on_episode1,

It’s different for every author on this forum. Some like to plan it with lots of details written down on paper and other don’t plan or take only a few notes.
For me it helps to write down the titles of the episodes, the character names and which artists I need to credit. It depends on how you’d like to plan. For templates I always use Dara Amarie’s site, for directing tips the YouTube clips from Joseph Evans and for new backgrounds and overlays and
And of course there are always other authors who like to help you on this forum.


Thank you !

thanks a lot :blob_hearts:

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I don’t plan anything chapter-by-chapter but I do take a lot of notes that help me write.
Although I’m terrible with keeping them all neat and tidy so I have chapter title ideas, dialogues, little facts and other notes all piled up but nonetheless they all help me write and remember things.

But I would definitely take note of little traits or experiences that are individual to each character and how they can allow them to connect/disconnect from other characters and how they can be used to further develop the characters.
Sometimes they help too with what tone a scene might be written in and if it will become a topic of discussion with other characters.

Examples of my notes

Some of the notes are outdated because the story has evolved since then and Ichiro/Kaiser are the same person, it’s just I’ve forgotten to update the name in every single note.

Some of my notes have been cropped because I can’t spoil. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I also have documents where I’ve coded branching and other things so I can just insert them when I need them without having to stress as much. If you ever end up using points or remembered choices, I do recommend you keep track of them using some kind of chart so you don’t get lost in your coding. (:


When you already got a plot, you should know where you want your story to head, which allows you to have a path to follow and plan.

Although, sometimes the planning won’t be in sequence.

Like maybe, you got an idea of a scene that would be great to happen in the near end or an important scene where it reveals something.
Take note of that scene and the dialogues for it, then sooner or later you will have additional scenes before/after that specific.

You’ll have the flow and just re-arrange the sequence to how you like it.

Hope this helps.:blush:


thank you so much, this really helps :100:

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thank you so much :yay:

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No problem! Good luck with your story.

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