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I dont know if this is the right topic to put this in but…

I would like to know if anyone would be willing to help me out with my story? I deleted it and I got some pointers and all but I didnt like how it turned out so i just deleted it.

So here is my question

Should I just do a intro with all the characters or just start into the story? Honestly I dont know how to start it out.

I would advice not to do an intro explaing who is who, and what they do. its a boring info dump, no one enjoy reading that, and its why no trending story has it.

check out other stories in your genre and look at what they do. I dont say copy them, but see at what works.

remember to think what do you enjoy when reading. look at your story for the reader perspective, and think if you read this for the first time, would it be interesting or boring.

I do recomend to watch some videos on writhing, after all writhing is a skill, and you can not improve with out some teaching.

here is a few to start with about beging a story

remember this one is parody, so its a what NOT to do

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I know how to write my story i just didn’t know where to begin exactly. Bc what i had i was told readers wouldnt get interested in it at all.

I gave the advice I could for what information you gave,

its okay. I wanna try to do a romance/drama story to be honest. Im kinda combining two shows tht i used to watch into my story. I don’t know how that is going to work but im going to give it a try.

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Thank u! I honestly didnt knw which one to put it under sry

Definitely don’t just do an intro, they don’t entice a reader, it has the opposite effect and makes people tune out.

You need to lay the groundwork for what lays ahead in your story.

Introduce key characters (not literally!!!) But show them, show who they are, what they are like, what their lives are like, in interesting ways.

For example, (picking a bad boy story here) … you’re scrolling through episode and you see this story cover, you’re intrigued and read the description this is the first hook, so, to elaborate here, maybe the description goes something like:

Elizabeth’s life has always centred around image, but the one she portrays isn’t true to the wild side which lurks beneath, one that’s about to come to light when she meets crafty criminal, Harrison Black.

This description outlines the general premise of the story, but doesn’t tell you details, so, now you need to bring those details to life.

In episode one, the MC, Elizabeth, needs to be relatable. We, as readers, need to learn about her in a way that puts us in her shoes, from the off.

So, for my made up story here, I’ll have Elizabeth being the daughter of a politician who is running for Senator. This would mean she must appear pure as snow to everyone, so would never get to let loose.

In order to portray that, I might open up the story at a gala or similar, formal occassion, show people dancing and then locate the MC among them, she could be talking with someone, and then have that other character commenting on how proud she must be that her father is running for Senator. Show through Elizabeth’s reactions and actions with dialogue, that shes feining her joy and really, is irritated by it, and bored of talking about it, perhaps she snatches a flute of champagne from a passing waiter as she makes an excuse to leave, and her father appears, commenting on her needing to behave and not let him down. She would smile back and assure him she’ll be on her best behaviour, just like always. But then, when he greets a friend she slips off to the bathroom and whilst there, perhaps she curses having to keep doing these fake smilesat events, thinks on how there’s always been things like this cropping up since she was 4. She grew up having to be prim and proper on the outside but that there’s only so much one person can take. From there, maybe she strips out of the suffocating formal outfit shes wearing, and she has more club type clothing underneath she cracks open a window and climbs out, fleeing the event and heading to a rough bar on the other side of town which she frequents.

From there, I would introduce any close friends, either by having her text them to tell them to meet her, which is a non-visual way to let the reader know these people exist, if not having them present at that precise moment in time.

When they meet at the club, I would build on their relationship, who they are as people, how they interact, what makes them friends. Showing this between them based on their communication. Remember always show not tell. Don’t just have them stand there, exchange two lines of dialogue and then narrate everything of their history and how they met.

For the end of the first episode, I’d bring in the love interest. In this instance, I’d have Elizabeth heading back to the gala before it was due to end and as shes running there, she might see the Love Interest up to no good, and a police officer nearby. Something about this love interest would intrigue her… more than just looks. Perhaps he is doing something that makes her laugh or that she thinks is bold. For example, he’s letting down the tyres on this police officer’s car.

Elizabeth gets his attention and warns him of the approaching officer, and as he goes to make a run for it, the officer gives chase going after them both.

It’s not overly detailed, as this is all just off the top of my head for an example, but as you can hopefully see, it’s working off the description, and beginning to create the world the story will exist in. Introducing characters and giving a sequence of events to follow as they lead on.


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