How to start the promotion of a new story


I just posted the 3 episodes of my first ever story this evening and I want to know what to do in order to boost my visibility.

I read about R4R and having an Instagram, but how do you find people to exchange R4R and how do you get your Ista account to be known?

Thank you so much!


You have to keep promoting it on Instagram and on the forums and do r4rs by sending in screenshots of the stories and when you finished their story you send screenshot through pm or dm.

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You make a thread posting your story on the forums promoting and r4rs

Hiya! You can promote it here on different threads, do R4Rs, request for Shoutouts and reviews here and on Instagram too!

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So when I started my first story a month ago, I started my Instagram account and followed a bunch of episode accounts, made new friends, wrote a thread about r4rs and send my story to almost every shoutout or reviewing. And format it to post it on all promoting story threads, I write fast so I’m at my 19th episode and 2.3k Reads, 900+ followers on Insta and a lot of Supportive Friends. This community has very supportive people so you wont take long. And once your Insta is bigger, you can help other Authors out as well.


Hey! Promoting a story is super easy on the forums and Instagram, you can check out my writing partners and I’s promotion thread for our story, there we post sneak peaks, this gains the readers attention, we hold discussions for the episodes, we give estimates of when the next episode should be out and so on, you can also have a R4R thread alongside a promotional thread, this is where your story will become known and you will also receive feedback

Instagram is where you can also post sneak peaks and also gain a support group! Hope this helps, and this is our promotional thread to help you gather ideas!

Twelve: A Christmas Story [OUT]


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