How to stay motivated to write?

Hey guys!
So I started writing a story a week ago and I was very excited, I even finished 4 episodes in 5 days.
But now I constantly do other things and don’t write.
How can I be consistent? If you have any advice please share!:sparkling_heart:


A common piece of advice I hear is to start with smaller goals. Some suggestions I’ve heard are things like “write at least one sentence a day” or “set up the time and environment that you can dedicate to writing”. Sometimes writers can overwhelm themselves with big goals, so setting smaller goals makes what was originally a mountain into a hill. Once you write that first sentence, you’ll very possibly have gotten enough momentum to keep going.

I’ve also heard that you should stop when you figure out what you want to write next, so that you have a starting point for your next session. (Might be tricky to understand, so I’ve written an example!)
Let’s say you’ve just finished writing out some of the events that occur in your story, and you’ve got a great idea for the next event you can write about. This is a great stopping point, but you also don’t want to forget this great idea. Write a summary of what occurs. With this summary, you’ll have a decent understanding of what needs to happen in your story!

I’ve personally struggled with motivation (not just with writing), so I understand how much of a struggle it is. I hope this advice helps, and I hope you’ll find the motivation to get started! : )


I struggled with this too! This is what works for me:

  1. writing early in the morning. I don’t know how, but my motivation and inspiration are at their peak.

  2. Other than that, staying organized is a good way to not get overwhelmed. For example, use #SCENE 1{ #} hashtags and brackets to organize your scenes.

  3. Relax! If you can’t seem to write, do something else! Working on your story is not only writing; creating new characters, (advanced) directing, and choosing music will have you productive and stay focused.

  4. Yesterday, I was coding an emotional scene. Just writing it with the music playing in the back made me invested in my own story. I just wanted to know what would happen next lmao. Finishing more chapters is a perk to feeling an emotional connection to your characters.

  5. Don’t beat yourself down to do everything perfectly. You originally started writing because… you just love writing. Perfectionism was something I dealt with for a long time. After learning to write my heart out and then correcting it- I was way more satisfied with my script than I ever was.

  6. If you can’t seem to do it right now, so be it. Rest up, get your favorite tea, and snuggle away under the sheets.


Makes sense! Thank you<3

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That’s really good advice tysm☺️

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Of course! Happy writing! : D

When I first started writing here on episode I struggled to stay motivated because of how hard it was to code. But now I love it more than anything and it makes me happy. My best advice is to push through it, now don’t force it and don’t allow yourself to get frustrated and stress. I only write a certain amount a day before I give myself a break. Fans are going to want you to upload big time and won’t want to wait but enjoy it. Have fun with it, write for yourself before you write for others luv. There are times even I forget that. Don’t allow yourself to stress. If there is something going on in your personal life take some time to handle it and take care of your mental health. I personally turn to writing to escape from my personal problems in life. That’s just me though.
When it comes to lacking motivation know it’s common and just take a break and it’ll come back. If you don’t like what you’re writing anymore it’s okay to make changes so you do like it. I remember my first story on episode I changed the plan multiple times and I remember getting so lost in a chapter it was over 3000 lines and my reader timed it to twenty minutes :joy:.
Enjoy yourself alright?
Enjoy writing


Thank you I will enjoy it as much as possible!
And you, keep doing what makes you happy☺️