How to Stay Motivated When Writing?


I find promoting draining personally, it feels demoralising too in a way as I keep on promoting but not getting much from it in all fairness. However, I’m not being lazy, just trying quite a bit and it can be a bit depressing lol. My over dramatic self felt very anxious about publishing a story I’ve been working on for quite a while now & I feel slightly nervous with having the story out there for people to read.

Just want this post to be a form of discussion, even as a way for people to vent or to provide success stories. Also, have a pic of Keanu Reeves sadly eating a sandwich lol


I think being a writer on episode It’s really difficult. But I feel like you should never give up If you really like it. I personally started writing thinking I wasn’t going to get any reads, I just did it for fun and because I’ve been wanting to write since I was a little girl, but yet I was still nervous on how people who read my story would react to it, but I keep reminding myself I’m doing this for me and because I love it (because I don’t do a lot of things only for me) and sharing it with people It’s a just a plus.
I get where all this being nervous or anxious about your story comes from, I just want you to know that hard work always pays off and If you persevere on the things you love you’ll always get where you want to be, you just have to be patient.

As I said I never expected to get any reads and just yesterday I reached 400 reads in less than a month just by being patient and working hard but I really would be happy even If I only had one person reading my story and I think that’s what pulls me through this whole promoting my story thingy because even If it doesn’t work as much, I’m still getting to people and I’m still doing what I love and sharing my hard work in this community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s such a lovely response, thank you and yes haha this is my second time around writing - I love writing for my own amusement, my friends and special people I know seem to appreciate my work but yeah I suppose the whole promotion aspect is just a bit ew for me lol

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Anybody got any cute motivating stories as well? I’m feeling heavily unmotivated at the moment, I may take a break because I feel like I might end up getting burned out

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You described exactly what I feel now! I’ve just published my first story too, and all the fuss about promoting and creating more chapters is really exhausting.
I think that everyone has a problem with motivation sometimes and my advice is not to try to force it! Just let it go for a while (for example for 2-3 days), then start slowly returning to writers portal and start creating, At the beginning, even a dozen or so lines daily. Always after such a break there is a great return of motivation for me.

Moreover, I am eager to read your story! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I will check it out soon. I keep my fingers crossed for you and your story! :blob_hearts:

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You’re such a sweetheart!

Yeah I think I need a break as I do feel pretty overwhelmed - I’m relaxing for a bit then giving myself a chance to have a break

My story is (Un)Eligible Bachelor & yes there is a lot of fuss around promotion, it is quite draining haha

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Aww, thank you! :heartpulse:
A break is one of the best way! Also, during a break I really like writing my ideas on paper in my notebook.
I will read your story within an hour :blob_hearts:

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Ahh I love writing my ideas on paper, it helps boost my motivation majorly as well and honestly, take as much time as you need, I’m grateful for your kindness thank you :heart:

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My pleasure! :heart:

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