How to stay on one project?

Hi! I have a problem with a starting an amazing project and NEVER finishing! This one project is probably amazing for episode and would be a great story if I could stay focused on the task. Authors- episode people who’ve published stories and stayed on track- how do you do it? :sweat_smile: :sweat:

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Try being motivated, and get the first few episodes done. After getting some reads and loving what you’re doing, than I usually feel confident. Buuuuuuut, if you get sick of the story after a while, than you will start to doze off and want to focus on other things.

That happened with my other story, I got a new account bc I had a lot of unfinished stories on there. I’m looking at this as a fresh start tho

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Oh my goodness! I’ve been having this issue since I was little because I’m a writer, but it got worse when I started writing Episode stories. I had so many ideas that once I started coding one story, I came up with another good idea and started writing a new story and it just continued to happen over and over again. Right now, I’m surprised at the fact that I’m actually sticking to one story that I enjoy writing, but it’s because I connect to it.

I feel like the first step to sticking with one story at a time and finishing it is connecting with the characters and plot. I recently looked back at my previous projects and realized that I never really related or connected to them in any way which made lots of sense. You can connect with your story by adding elements from your personal life i.e. hobbies, personality traits to characters, get inspired by real events, or any way you feel you’d be able to connect and commit to the story.

For me, it’s either that or creating a goal for yourself. For example, promise yourself to not give up on the story and write at least five episodes. It’s hard, but it did work for me once. This way, as you continue writing the episodes, you’ll stick with the story and just keep on writing. Sometimes just continuing even when you feel like giving up is the best way when it comes to writing.

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Thanks, right now it’s helping me to just listen to music when I write the drafts about the stories. I think I’ll to relate more, because I haven’t really been doing that.

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Yeah, it can be just a small little detail you relate with that you can add into the story, but it’ll help a lot I think.

This happens to me all of the time! What I always do is write an entire outline as soon as possible, so later on, I don’t need to use much brain power. Another thing I do is just take a break, sometimes that’s watching TV or sometimes that’s starting a new story. I know a lot of people think that you should only have one story at a time, and I kinda agree. But if you’re someone like me who has a hard time focusing, it can actually be helpful.

I take breaks too, I have a swing in my backyard and it’s just amazing for taking a break when I’ve thought about soooo much.

Haha that swing sounds awesome! What I would recommend is taking a notebook or something to write on out with you on the swing. That way you can jot down any ideas you may have but also take a break from the computer at the same time.

Yeah, I should try that :+1::blush:

Another thing that could help is rereading your story! I know after some time, I go back and reread the last 1-2 chapters I read and that will inspire me to write the next chapter or two!

Yeah, it can also show you if you need to update or not :rofl:

You are me! I cannot stop getting new ideas.

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I hate yet love ittttt

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