How to stop characters from continuing the animation once they have spoken their dialogues?

I have added animations in bracket next to the name of character, but once their dialogues is over, they keep doing the animation, even while the other character is speaking. It looks horrible, and I don’t know how to rectify this.

@CHAR starts animation
&CHAR starts animation
directly after their dialogue to stop them from doing a looping animation, you just have to make sure the animation you select after that dialogue is not a looping animation as well.

You can also have:
&CHAR is looping_animation THEN CHAR is nonlooping_animation
Dialogue here.

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@CHAR starts animation name

Most useful ones start with idle_(animation) (in my opinion, may be different for others.

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It’s a looping animation! These will have the word loop at the end… I honestly don’t know what to say because the others already said it all so… that’s it! :sweat_smile:

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idle animations worked. Finally. Thank you

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Thank you, Trying idle animations worked

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