How to stop giving love when you are not receiving any

Do you ever feel like you are only providing the world with love without getting anything in return? it gets exhausting, I am tired of being selfless and giving. Cliché I know, but all my friendships feel shallow. I am doubting my relationship, even questioning if they ever reciprocated my feelings at all.

Why can I not stop loving them knowing they will never love me back? How do I find a right crowd that would take me in? Please help me out.


I felt the same way to. I had friends yet I felt that they weren’t friends. What I did was try to distance myself from them and see if they would actually even notice, and they did. I felt like they were my friends but I wasn’t giving any attention. Try to know your worth and stand to it. If your relationships are not how you expected it to go, try to talk to him or your friends know. Cause if they were your real friends they would take it into thought and feel like they were in the wrong, but if not, they weren’t really your friend.

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Hey honey… I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a rough time. First of all, you’re worth a lot more and remember you need to put yourself first before anyone else. Like @queen_phoenix30 said, talk to them. If talking isn’t helping or you have tried in the past, it’s time to cut them all out of your life. I’m sorry, but you cannot stay in a friendship or relationship where you’re constantly feeling left out or down.

You have to take care of yourself, you have to start to say no and tell people that their behaviour is unacceptable. The reason why you’re feeling like this is that you
're not drawing the line… don’t allow people to cross their boundaries just because they’re friends or lovers or even family.

You need to start drawing the line. Start inputting boundaries and seeking out people who have similar interest and vibes like yours. Do not, and I mean DO NOT give when you’re not receiving. That’s a big mistake I did too. If someone isn’t willing to put the time and effort like you, why should you do that for them?

You’re worth so much more.


aww I’m so sorry to hear you feel that way. to be honest, I always try to remember that if the people I surround myself with aren’t changing my life for the better, then they’re not the right people for me. sometimes you might feel inclined to stay because you feel you have no one else, but just remember that sometimes being on your own for a little while is better than being around people. You’ll find the right friends eventually!

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I think I understand what you’re going through, because I was in a similar place not too long ago.

The answer I found is, never give love expecting to receive love in return. Relationships form when both parties give love unconditionally to one another, be it romantic relationships, friendships, even family bonds. If love were to lack from either party, there is no relationship to begin with. It would just be one-sided.

And that’s what I think most people struggle with. We grow up thinking one-sided love (whatever its form) is wrong and toxic. The truth is that it becomes toxic when you give love expecting the other person to love you back in the same manner. But that just ends up becoming an addiction. If you give love to the people in your life because they make you feel good, would you say you’d still love them if they stop giving you attention? When you love someone unconditionally, truly, it means that whatever happens your happiness will never be threatened. It means that you’ll love them as they change. Love is free! We need to stop thinking of it as a ‘love for love transaction’. Otherwise, it would just mean that you’re using them to make you feel good. Sometimes you’ll both change together, other times you’ll do so differently, and that’s okay. We’re humans, it’s within our nature to change. What matters is that we realize it.

The fact that you say you can’t stop loving them means that you probably don’t fall under the example I just made. There is nothing wrong when you’re giving love to other people even if they don’t do the same with you. I think it’s the most beautiful thing a human being can do. Love is hard, no one said it isn’t. Very, very hard, most of the time we underestimate just how much it is. It requires strength and perseverance. But that is life. Truthfully, thinking that a good life is lived without hardships is delusional.

And what’s worse is when you stop giving love, you automatically stop loving yourself.

If you feel like the people in your life right now don’t love you, it’s okay to acknowledge that and let them be. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop loving them. Life is long and you’ll see that sooner or later you’ll find people that will give you love unconditionally too. In the meantime, remember that your sole source of love is yourself. You, who keeps loving the world. Therefore, yourself. You’re so so special and you have the power to do this. It just takes a strong will to live happily. Thankfully, what they say is true: where there is a will there is a way.

Cheer up, you can do this :hugs::two_hearts:


okay…You are in the same condition as I am
there is two ways
…You love them because you are kind hearted.

  1. Talk to who you love and clear the doubts between you.
  2. Just let it go
    And if you have doubt in any type of relation and I recommend clear your doubts to talking to them and figure it out…tell them your feelings that how you feel
    and IF you still think the same after talking to them then just leave them and find new friend who deserve your love, time and care.

I feel the same way :sneezing_face:

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