How to stop music

I put a music on the club, then switch to a new background…and the club music kept playing,
How do I stop the music to stop playing in a different background

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You can have it fade

volume music 0 5000 (or whatever time you’d like it to fade in)
You can also use “music off”
Sometimes that seems a little abrupt depending on where you stop it so I prefer fading out. Hope this helped!!!

How do I fade out the music ,what code should I use

The one I wrote so you write

volume music 0 2000

The 0 is the volume the 2000 is the time it’ll take to fade… if you look in the tutorials it explains the numbers a little better. Hope this helps!!!


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If you still need help I found a tutorial by Joseph Evans on youtube! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

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Please how do I position my character on this gym spot

Running exercise pls

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something like:
@CHARACTER stands screen center and CHARCTER is run_athletic_neutral_loop

Okay thanks,
Also, can I find any exercising tool on the overlay

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any idea on how I can fix this

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I’m not too sure sorry :blob_hearts: