How to submit a question to the author of a story?

Hey so I you know how in the Writer’s Portal there’s a space where you can check your fanmail, where readers submit their questions to you and you can answer and whatever? My problem right now is that I don’t know how to submit questions to authors of other stories, I don’t know where that option is. I did it before (before as in when Ink was still new) but now I can’t figure out where to find it. I don’t remember how I did it before, either. Can anyone help?

(And I don’t know where this topic should go so I’m just guessing right now)


Well, at the moment there is no way to write a fanmail. Since the account details in the app were gone, the feature to write fanmails was gone to. I’ve contacted one of the Episode Team and they told me some features are gone, until they have updated them, but it’s not sure when and if this features will come back

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Ah okay, thank you for the help!!

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you can try on their social media

It still comes up for me so I’ll just tell you how I got to it lol. When you open a story and you’re on the screen where you can bookmark it or play it, there are three dots. Click the dots, then click fanmail. I just tried it for a few different stories and it came up each time, and the prompt to type out your question/response.

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actually you pick the story you wanna write fanmail to. then you tap on the 3 dots and fanmail should be there.

Well it was there, at least in my version of the app it isn’t there. I’ve just checked!


Maybe you’ve got a newer version than me, I might me possible that there is a difference between the times when the update is released and when it is available in Germany, but I don’t think so…

I live on Denmark so in think we would have the same update time. Maybe its phone brand. I know for a fact my Samsung tablet and iPhone even though haveing the same apps they often work diffrent

Well, okay…

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Mine doesn’t have that option… When I tap the three dots the only thing that shows up is “Remove Story” with a little flag symbol to its left. I think it’s just a bug that some people can’t see it. -.-

I though you could like press the three dots and a menu would come up and then it was labeled like “fan mail” or “ask the author” or something like that.

This is how mine look

Same as in my App, only the ‘Remove Story’ Button
See here:

It would be better if you message the author directly via Forums or Instagram (or other social media) rather than via fan mail. The problem with fanmails is that you will not be notified if the author responded to your fanmail and by questions, it’s quicker to ask via social media. :slight_smile:

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