How to take a cup from someone

My character needs to hand a cup to another character and the other character needs to take it. Or even pick up a cup from a a table or something without zooming in. Can someone help me with the coding for this? I don’t see an animation for it or anyway to fake it. Kneel_reach doesn’t work with my story as it doesn’t look right. My story is in ink.

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I can help, what background and zone are you using?

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That’s so I can create it

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It’s a custom background…but 2 people take a drink from a guy in zone 1 and a guy takes a drink from another guy hand to hand in zone 3…or he can set it on the counter for the last scene.

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Well just do


If not I can just make it

Thanks…I know how to add and remove props from a character… What I’m asking is how to make it look like a character is taking a drink directly from another character. Like a boyfriend is bringing his girlfriend some punch and she takes it directly from his hand. I also need to know how to make a character set a cup down on a table so another character can grab it from the table. I’m looking for animations that can make these actions look believable.

Thanks for your help…Kneel_reach and take items really won’t fit for my scene since the counter is waist height or taller. I tried before I posted the question. I’ll figure something out…Thanks again for your help.

Any of the hold cup/drink animations would work, have them do the animation then remove prop

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