How to take a good screenshot of the character?


When I am drawing a character the screenshot of it makes it worse than it should be because the screenshot lines aren’t clear :pensive:


Eraser the background


I don’t get what you mean


I actually meant when I am drawing a profile


Not a background although thanks for the help!


I know but since you’re trying to draw a profile picture, you should delete the background of the screen shot


Hm, what device are you using?


If you are using phone screen shot, that isnt going to work, itll be yh diffiult to outline that character screen shot.

So, use a laptop, then go to your characters, then look at the preview of your character, then left click it, then save it, then if you have a USB port you can transfer that to your phone if you need or want to.


Okay thanks!


I am using Hawaii


But I can’t transfer anything though!


ok. Whats Hawaiii ive never heard tht name before. Well except its a place XD


O. M. G I meant Huawei the auto correct! :joy::joy:


well damn! lol