How to take a screen shot of my story without the directing buttons in background...also instagram followers pretty please!



Apologies if this is a really stupidly easy question. i’m very new to all of this.

I’ve almost finished my first chapter, and wanted to do some screenshots so i can post to my instagram. But when i do this on my phone the director helper buttons are always in the background. I’ve seen other writers do this without them so know there must be a way. (i’m not a complete technophobe although my laptop has probably had more use in the last 2 weeks than it has the entire few years i’ve had it!)

Thanks everyone

Sarah xx


Click on navigation and then click on the one called “hide debug elemenets of HUD”. It should give you the regular non directors version to take screenshots!

Good luck with your new story! :smiley:


As simple as that!

Thank you so much for your help and good wishes xxxx


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THANK YOUU sm :kissing_heart: