How to take off backpack?

Hi everyone, so I am trying to have the character take off her backpack. I know this is achieved by switching to an outfit without a backpack however I am going to let the reader choose which outfit they want to be wearing. I made each outfit a backpack version however I don’t know how to make it so depending on what the reader chose to wear they switch to the version with/without a backpack. I hope this makes sense. Thanks <3

If this doesn’t make sense then like if the reader chose “purple outfit” later they will switch to “purple outfit backpack” IF they chose the purple outfit

Try this: Use a point system for each outfit you plan to use. To do so, make a new character named something like “POINTSYSTEM.” Then use the if/else/elif code. When it comes to the choice where the reader gets to choose the outfit, in each bracket, put something like POINTSYSTEM+1 in each, but make sure you change the number in each bracket. (So it would be POINTSYSTEM+2 in the second bracket, and so forth.) Then, when you want the reader to take off the backpack, use the if/else/elif code. It should be something like this:

@/CHAR changes into purple outfit backpack
} elif (POINTSYSTEM=2) {
@/CHAR changes into blue outfit backpack
else {
@/CHAR changes into white outfit backpack

(Note: This method usually works for me.)

Let me know if this helped, and if you need anymore help! (:

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I don’t really understand

Okay, can I see your script for letting the reader choose the outfit?

Oh I haven’t added it yet but I want her to take off the backpack like way later after school

Okay, when you add it, pm me your script and I’ll help you with it (:

Ok thank you so much!

No problem! (:

One way to achieve this would be to have the reader select their outfit choice through a prompt or menu and then use an if/else statement to display the appropriate version of the outfit with or without a backpack.