How to take over the world 😈 (of episode) game

Alejandro’s eyebrows knitted into a brooding expression. "I will always be here for you, mi amor," he brooded.

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Layla looks up at him slowly, batting her eyelashes. “You are to good to me.”

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Suddenly an odd pale man breaks through the window and says My love! I have been looking for you every where!

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Layla looks back and gasps “Azuzo?!”

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“Azuzo?” Alejandro growls.

“I- I thought you were in jail.” Layla said as she took three and a half steps back making her trip and fall on the cold floor.

uh… My name is leyla… :clown_face:


Azuzo grabs Layla pulls her towards him takes a deep breath and plunges his glistening white teeth in her neck


Staring at Azuzo’s eyes, Layla froze.
Alejandro was more than perplexed than ever.
"Mister… " Alejandro coughed, “Azuzo. Who are you?”
“Him. Your friend?” Azuzo glared at the source of the voice, giving Alejandro a chill down his spine.
“I- Az, no! He’s-” Layla stuttered.
“This guy… Is Alejandro,” Liam walked towards the trio, holding his wounded shoulder, “That a**hole who touched our woman.”
Alejandro finally realized what Layla said at the balcony that one night…

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Azuzo was Layla’s ex-vampire-mafia-leader-alien-werewolf boyfriend, and he was out to take Layla back

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Layla was warned not to tell the world about his existence.
“You think bars can hold me?” Azuzo grinned.
Two guns cocked at the same time. One pointed at Azuzo’s back, one pointing at Alejandro’s temple.
“You pull the trigger, I’ll do too,” Liam boomed, “But he’ll live. You won’t.”
Alejandro sneered, “The first bullet scratched you, idiot. The next one… Will pierce through your heart.”
Layla gasped. Of course, the heart!

She grabbed Sandro’s gun, and shot Azuzo through the heart, and Liam and Azuzo both died, they were brothers, and vampire-mafia-leader-alien-werewolf brothers shared a heart, so they both died

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Layla sobbed for she had lost her two true loves and new one day the authors would one day make her choose. Layla sighed as she could no longer cry. Suddenly Layla filled with ambition

Now she was free, free to be herself and make her own choices.

So, she grabbed the gun and…

“Is this the end, Layla?” A mysterious voice made Layla froze.

But that mysterious voice was all but recognizable: it was Alejandro.

She looks over at him, her eyes wide.

And said
Am I dreaming? Please tell me I am not dreaming.

‘I am going to be your nightmare’, said Alejandro. And Layla started to cry in shock.