How to transfer all data from android to iphone?


hey i need help on something i has an android but it broke so i got an iphone but now when i login in with my gmail or username and password it won’t let me it say error this game is on a different platform… can this be fixed? can someone help please? I need to see how my episode stories are going pleasssse help


Hello @xosignorina.backup, this is Sydney the Moderator!

If you’re having an issue with the mobile app, submit a help ticket and our support team will be happy to help you! :wink:


oh okay thanks


from what i heard you cannot transfer data from an android to iOS


Really so I won’t be able to login to check out my stories I been working on?


no, im sorry


I’m having the same problem… this is so annoying! I want to know why we can’t restore the account on a different platform. That just sucks.


Hey I’m having the same problem! I hate this!
Let Episode know about your issue and they’ll give you a bunch of free passes. It’s better than nothing.


I like don’t care about all my safe stories i have read i can’t get in my account to see my own published stories that is my problem