How To: Try Again Choices

Okay, so I know the title sounds a little confusing, but what I mean is: let’s say you’re supposed to click the right choices to get to the next scene. How do you make the reader go back to the first choice if their choice was wrong?

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@PlatinumBarbie can you show me a pic, please?

I hope this helps! This is just a random thing a created at the top of my head. You have two or more choices the ones that are wrong should look like what I wrote below. You create a label before the choice:

label try_again
Choice “Jump out the window” {
CHARACTER1 (talk_arms_crossed)
I’ll just jump out the window!
Oops wrong choice!
Try again.
goto try_again

This is an example:

label try_again

What’s his password?


(He does play football…)

@CHARACTER is text_phone_neutral_loop

CHARACTER (disappointed)

goto try_again

I hope this helps you! :grin:


Tysm :blush:

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No problem!

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@IDONTKNOWREAL @PinkKiwii @PlatinumBarbie these are loop choices that mean the reader will not proceed with a story.

Here’s the working example:

label right_wrong
“Right answer” {
#the right answer goes here after the choice the reader will continue the story

} “Wrong answer”{

Try again!
goto right_wrong


It worked for me… I only showed the wrong choice one in the example above. I did exactly what you did in my story.