How to turn off notifications?

I keep getting notifications about new topics based off art topics and I have put them on muted

How can I stop it

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settings > Categories>
then you can see all the noftications you’d get on a specific topic, just delete it and i think you won’t get anymore nofications.

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Each topic notification setting can be changed at the bottom of every topic. Click on the button that says “normal” in the screenshot above and choose what is best for you.

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I understand that but I get notifications when a new topic is made

You shouldn’t be. Can you throw a screenshot of this my way? Thanks!

a screenshot of what

^^ the notifications you are receiving



I’ll look into these threads and get back to you. Thanks!

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I might know what’s up give me a minute

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Do you have anything here?

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@Jeremy fyi I have just received another one

When you go here make sure that


the above is set to your own personal preference. Take note that having thing’s set to tracking enables notifications for the threads/category/tags notated in the fields.

You have " Automatically track topics I enter" set to “after 4 minutes” which might be the culprit.

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Thank You - I have done what you said funnily enough I didn’t get a notification when you replied

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@jeremy sorry to bother you but I am still receiving them

Are they threads that you have already clicked on and looked at in the past?

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no, it is when new topics are made

I also am not getting notification when you reply - only when you reply


Yup, still working on this. Thanks for your patience.

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