How to turn these bgs into night?

Is anyone able to turn these two bags to night? Preferably with some lights on through the windows?

I’m not 100% sure, but you may want to check if you are allowed to use them, I don’t think you are as the images are likley copyrighted considering they are real landmarks.

I read the policy and wasn’t completely sure if I’d be allowed to use them. I’ve had the first image for a while and couldn’t remember where I got it from and reversed searched the image to find out it’s actually a real place. For the second picture, I found it on Pixabay, but I’m not sure if that one is real.

Like this?


Ahh yes! Thank you so much! Is it okay to credit you using your forums name?

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I’m also unsure, cause you’re not allowed to references real places or people yet they have an official background with the eiffel tower in it. Also looks like the second one is a castle in Ireland

I mean if they accept it then I guess it’s okay but remember they can redact an approval

you can use my ig @random.tomboy.123