How To Understand Gem Choices?

This is just a question. So how do you guys mainly get the hang of gem choices, like when there’s more than one. Is it the coding that you understand to do when you practice? Or when someone explains it to you?

what do you mean? gem choices is quite easy to do. in code.

so I am not sure what you mean?

I’m not talking about doing the coding. I’m talking about how people understand the coding of the gems choices. Like do they get to understand it easily when people explain it to them or doing the coding by themselves to get the hang of it.

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I am honestly confused.

do you mean what to put into a gem choice, or if readers understand what they get in a gem choice

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Are you talking about the frequency of gem choices in one’s story? Like how many gem choices should be added in a chapter? I think the author just decides if the gem choices are important or not. Some authors add more than one gem choice in a chapter if they want to add multiple bonus scenes. Other authors try to make sure gem choices matter (they don’t want the reader to feel like they wasted their gems), so that could play in role in how many gem choices that add into a chapter. When it comes to how many gem choices someone wants to add in a chapter or story, I think it boils down to how important those gem choices are.

I hope this helps. I don’t use gem choices, so I don’t have a lot of experience to best answer your question :joy: :joy:

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I don’t use gem choices either :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: but I have to in my contest entry. and I’m not talking about adding it into the story.

I am talking about when authors are learning about gem choices, do they understand it that easily when people are explaining it to them or when they do the coding on their own, that they know how to do it. :point_left:t5: :point_left:t5: :point_left:t5: :point_left:t5: This is my question. I think everyone understands, and thinks things differently about gem choices, to be honest. :joy: :thinking:

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Gems choices are required in contests entries! That is ridiculous!

But I definitely believe doing the coding will help the author understand gem choices better. Explaining it can be confusing for many, especially authors who’ve never used it. The best way to understand and get better with gem choices is to actually do it, and to apply that knowledge more and more over time to the point where it’s mastered.

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I know right, but I think it’s more of a new experience for new authors and myself to learn how to understand the concept of including gem choices. I hope this does not happen in the next contest, to be honest. :sob:

THIS IS THE ANSWER I AM LOOKING FOR!!! Thank you! :joy: :point_down:t5: This is why I suck at vocabulary/grammar. People don’t really understand me, and I hate myself for my grammar to be honest. :sweat: I don’t really talk to people that well. :disappointed:


My vocab sucks too :joy:

Good luck on your story!!


Guess I’m not alone! :joy: :joy: :joy: Thank you!!

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Anyone else? How do you understand gem choices? Do you understand it by doing the coding or listening to someone explaining the concept to you? :coffee:

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I think I might practice doing the coding because listening to someone explaining it to me will take months for me to get it. :joy:

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Last time I just searched tutorials on Youtube how to do gem choices and I got excited when the gems actually go to your account when people use it in the story. I sort of just understood I guess I never had someone to explain it exactly so I mostly “learnt” it on my own and over time I continued practicing and it 's easier to understand now.

Hope that’s the answer you are looking for :grinning:
Also don’t worry ! Your grammar and vocab is already fine.

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Cool and thanks. :blush:

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