How to unlock things for stories

When making a story on the 50th Beat it said u can unlock more things at

what do you mean? are you new on the app. you can lock for more stories to read. and make your own on the phone.

mostly the stories made by people. there also dosent have diamond choices.

we all agree that the you need to read 50 chapters to get acces is stupid. when i got the apa you only had to read 3.

I’m not new to the app but when I create stories it says well done you reached the 50th beat unlock more things at

How it look when you have all access

Okay dont know what that mean .

I just guess you where new since it says this is your first post

also welcome to the forum

No it looks like that on mine and yes The is my first post bc I just never post them but no I’m not new

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So you’re using the story creator in the app? I haven’t really used it, but maybe it has a limit of how much you can do in one full episode. Maybe you reached that limit?

Didn’t say that when I did it

Are you using the mobile creator? If so, I understand what you’re trying to say. Once you’ve reached 50 beats it shows you a message to start writting on the website.