How to upgrade episode if i has no update

i want to move my date from my android to apple how would i do that because i normaly login with google but when i do that with apple it says its a different platform or something like that. but when i first started using episode it was on an apple device but i moved to android. So nowi have an apple again and want to move my data back. I tried restoring it on the other device using the code but everytime i try it says “you have been using a newer version of episode or one of its stories. please upgrade to continue playing on this device”. When i go to the app store it shows no update and when it did have an update it still said the same thing.

Hello @Zaeee_lovely, pretty sure it’s not possible to move your game from an android device to an Apple device, but you should submit a help ticket to the support team and ask them for help. :smiley: