🖼 HOW TO: Upload Cover / Background / Overlay



Click on the Default Cover on your Story Main Page and Upload your covers there :slight_smile:


Note: Once your covers are approved you have to republish your story to set them live


Go to:
Art Catalog
Then Uploaded to YOUR account


Then Select Image


And choose the size:

ONE PANEL: 640 x 1136 (minimum requirements)
TWO PANELS: 1280 x 1136
THREE PANELS: 1920 x 1136

Choose the name and tick the box and Upload :slight_smile:


Note: Your background name have to start from INT. or EXT.



Go to:
Art Catalog
Uploaded to YOUR account


Then Select Image


You can change the size of the overlay by holding on the grey dot.


Choose a name for your overlay and tick the box then upload



You can start working with your background/overlay straight away, but you can’t publish until is approved,
Waiting times for approval may vary. Sometimes it can be a few minutes (if you’re lucky), but usually, it’s a few days.

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@Apes When I select my overlay, Step 2 doesn’t show up. Why does it not show up?


Most likely it’s because your overlay is too big :thinking:


Ok Thanks! Just made it smaller and worked!!


My cover was approved but every time I try to select it doesn’t go…


It will show when your story is published. :slight_smile:


what do u mean?
I need to select it and then click that button "update"


Yes, you need to publish or update your story to set the cover live.


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Help in Overlays trying to make a new one…


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Hi! A little help here!

So I was searching in google for extra backgrounds, I found images of Episode Hidden Backgrounds.
Can I upload it and use it in my story? Because I can’t find it at the writer’s portal backgrounds. Just wondering if I can upload it as MY UPLOAD BACKGROUNDS.

Thanks Much! :slight_smile:


Of course you can :blush: we all using them :smiley:


awe, thanks! :slight_smile:


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Hi , I created my own looping background of a college campus. BUT it’s not working on my story.
'Cause I want my characters to have a dramatic entrance. How do I properly do it? I thought I made the right thing,

(Oh and P.S. I already tried the looping background that the episode has but when I uploaded my own, it doesn’t work. Or is it just like that? Lol i’m confused.)


You can’t upload your own looping background. You can choose from what episode has (they have loop in the name) or make your own using overlay and loop command