🖼 HOW TO: Upload Cover / Background / Overlay

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Does anyone know how to stop a cover from going live when you update?

I completely spaced that I entered it into a contest and can’t change the cover until the winners are announced. How to I prevent the new cover from going live when I add episodes?

Once you upload a new cover and it has been approved there’s nothing you can do.

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Every time I try to add my background it keeps saying it’s to big… What can I do?

you need to resize it.


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If I accidentlly saved an image as the cover, is there any way to delete it?


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HOW TO: Create your own overlays

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Can anyone make this as an overlay please? I made this background and has uploaded as a background, but I want it as an overlay too!

I made the mirror transparent so I need to it to be an overlay to a duplicate character can stand behind the mirror/wall so only the head can be seen in the mirror as a reflection (if that makes sense)
I tried but it’s saying image is above 1mb but it’s only 0.229mb :thinking: :see_no_evil: