How to upload your own background and overlay

Hi today I was writing my story and I wanted to add my own personal background…
I thought the process was going to be difficult but it is easy

  1. Make your background
    The natural size is 640 px for the width and 1136 px for the height…
    It should look like this (i’m using pixlr hihly recommend)

    When you are done with the cover you save it as png

    Then go to episode portal
    Backgrounds press the arrow that says Available for all stories and press Uploaded to your account.
    It is on the top right next to all

    Choose the cover and name it and press the box AND PRESS UPLOAD
    Please red what the have written there to be able to use it in ur script.

NOTE: Every one of this step is the same for the overlay…


don’t ya think that the title is wrong
cuz u are just telling ppl How to upload a background not How to make/create it

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It will be helpful for new users!

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Thank you

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